What some of our happy customers have to say.

March, 2017
Yo World, I’m really happy for you, I’ll let you finish, but Sai is one of the best technicians of all time. One of the best technicians of all time!… seriously so grateful I found Sai, she’s made every laser experience a breeze with her up beat personality and professional help on up keeping my results.

September, 2017
I was a male client of Sai’s for laser hair removal on my arms and shoulders. She made the process super simple and was always bubbly and happy. She talked me through what to expect and made sure that I wasn’t endangering my skin by being out in the sun before or after treatments. She always made sure to tailor the laser’s strength to my skin tone and sensitivity level. Sai makes sure to make patients feel at ease by talking and asking questions, it also makes the treatments go by very quickly. I highly recommend Glo Spa NY for laser hair removal

Silvanana P July, 2017 You guys are so amazing! The staff is so sweet and Saime, my laser tech went out of her way to make the experience as fun as possible. It felt like I was just having fun with the girls, while simultaneously having my chin lasered. She is also super knowledgeable and answered every one my questions without hesitation. There is such a comfortable atmosphere in the spa and she did a fantastic job. My chin hasn’t been this smooth since high school!

June, 2017
I love going to my favorite technician Saime whenever I get a laser treatment. She is so through and considerate. She makes sure you’re doing fine while in the process, gives you breaks if you need them, and most importantly shows that she’s passionate about her job. My laser results have been AMAZING! I have done a full face and after just 2 treatments I can see how much hair has already disappeared. After seeing these results I am definitely going to get many more areas lasered with her!!

June, 2017
Sai at Glo Skin and Laser is a true professional! She’s always energetic, friendly and bubbly but also has a very calm energy instantly making you feel comfortable and at ease. I’ve tried laser hair removal before but never saw results so I was skeptical to try it again but she explained the difference in machines and technology…apparently the last place I went to used X version of machine which doesn’t zap the hair follicle correctly and it was really nice when Sai took the time to explain the differences in machines to me. Also, it hurt in the past. That rubber band snap feeling that just kills you for a second but with Sai, every time she’d zap an area she’d immediately apply pressure after which alleviated all the pain. I’m so glad I found this place–I’ve already done 2 sessions and there are visible results!

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